Prayer 12/13/17

Loving, Gracious, Awesome, Renewing, Recreating, Awe inspiring, Precious Joy Giver, Holy, Strength of my soul, thank You for another beautiful day that I can worship You for Your faithfulness and great love for me. Thank You for Your Spirit within me that You have planted in the depths of my soul. Thank You for the way that You have provide for me and my family. Thank You for Your grace that sustains me. Thank You for always being there even in the darkest storm. Thank You for being my anchor and life that my soul clings to. Thank You for Your plan for my life...a purpose far greater than my mind can fathom.
God...Thank You for accepting me and calling me righteous in and through Jesus. Thank You because at just the right time You sent Your Son, Jesus, to pay a debt that humanity owed and marked it paid in His precious blood spilled for humanity. Thank You for the new life You offer. Thank You for the Adoption that took place at the foot of the Cross of Calvary. Thank You...thank You...thank You. Lord God...I just wanna thank You today...
Amen...amen...and AMEN!


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