Prayer 12/12/17

Loving, Gracious, Living, Righteous, Holy, Recreating, Awe inspiring, Awesome, Renewing, Great Reward, Anchor of my soul, thank You for Your Great Love for me.. Thank You for this new day dawning on the horizon full of mercy and grace. Thank You for the new possibilities and hope to be found in this new day. Thank You for the way that You have planned out my life...a beautiful and good life full of promise and purpose. Thank You for the breath I breathe. As I breathe in Your Spirit, may I breathe out a life of praise to You my Real Joy Giver.

Lord as we stand on the precipice of today, give me the strength and faith to take that first step by Your Grace. Hold my hand so that I will not fear the arrows by day and the things that lurk in the night for You are the God of Angel Armies and watch over me. Hold me so close that I can feel Your breath as You breathe life into my lungs...close enough that I am awestruck by Your Majesty...Your presence is the Light unto my path.
Okay Lord, I'm ready if You are to enter the day but only keep me close...I don't want to get to much ahead of You and miss the present of the present with You...


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