Prayer 12/11/17

Loving, Holy, Recreating, Ever-Present, Awesome, Great God, thank You for another beautiful day that is dawning on the horizon. Thank You for the Love, Promises and Opportunities that You sprinkle through out the day. Thank You for Your unfailing Love You have for me. Thank Yo u that You walk with me on this adventure of life as I walk
the journey of faith to Your Heart.Thank You that even if I don't feel You, Even though I don't see You, even though I can't touch You...It doesn't negate the fact that You are there. How awesome and humbling it is to know the Lord of all the Universe walks with...knows my name...calls me His own. Thank You for the love song You sing into my heart. Thank You for the Truth that Yous speak into my very soul as I study and contemplate Your Word. Lord, most of all, I want to bring a smile to Your face I I learn to trust You more and more every day. Help me, guide me, mold me...into who you would have me be. I surrender all to You and Your perfect plan for my life.



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