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"No one can say what she is implying...not even her or her daughter. Why do these people think they are so "holy perfect..."?"
This was my reaction to a post on my friends face book page. The comment read:"and some, just put it all in the Lords hands and live the peace and joy He blesses them with."A response to a post stating that many wear a smile mask not to be fake but to hide pain...disappointment...shame...anger. This person was insinuating that you give it all to God and you don't need the mask. Almost..ok...judging someone who feels they need to wear the smiley mask when around others. is sometimes much easier to wear the mask than trying to explain to other people who just may not get it...yes give it to God but we are human..Even Jesus...while on the cross felt pain... "My God, my God, why have you forsaken me..?" He was quoting the Psalms but that doesn't mean He didn't feel abandoned and that God had turned…

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