Prayer 2 11/29/17

Loving, Gracious, Awesome, Renewing, Recreating, Living, Righteous, Holy, Song of my heart, and Friend, thank You for this new day dawning on the horizon, full of mercy and grace. Thank You for watching over me as I slept through the night. Thank You that You have promised to never leave or forsake me...I would be lost without You. Thank You for the friends and family that You have put in my life to walk the journey of life with me. Thank You for the possibilities and hope this day holds. May I open the present of the present and share what You have given me for this new day.

Yahweh, You are so awesome and holy. Your Name breaks the chains of sin and oppression to set the captives free. Thank You for setting this sinner free and helping me to soar as on eagle's wings. You are the wind that enables me to fly on heights I could never fly on my own. It is only in and through Your Holy Name that I am able to stand. Your Name is Beautiful and Powerful...with the mention of Your Great Name every knee will bow and tongue shall confess that it is You that is Lord...not ourselves.

Jehovah, may I feel Your presence with me today. May I be so overcome that I will feel and touch the hem of Your Robe and be healed. May I hear Your Great Love for me whispered into my very soul. May Your Glory surround m e that it brings me to my knees crying "Holy, Holy". I want more of You and less of me in my life. Breathe Your Ruach upon my Spirit within me and create a fire that cannot be contained.

Let's do this day...together...hand in hand. Hold tightly to my hand so that the glitter and glamour of this world will not lead me astray. Hold me so close that I not only hear but feel Your heartbeat.



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