Prayer 11/7/17

Loving, Gracious, Holy, eternal, Redeeming, Savior, Creator, Hero and Friend, thank You for another glorious day that I can spend with You. Thank You for the Joy in my heart and the skip in mt step. Thank You for all You have done, are doing and what is yet to come in my life. Thank You for always being there, even if I am not.
Thank You for the promises and love that you speak into my very soul. It is what helps me get through every day...praising You with every breath. Without You I am nothing for You are my all in all, my everything. Thank You for coming into this sinners life and recreating me into Your child. Thank You for the life You are creating into a masterpiece. Thank You for Your mercy and grace.
As I being this journey of today, may all who I come in contact with not see me but the mirror image of Your Son, my Risen Lord, Jesus Christ. In whose name I pray...


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