James 1:17

Loving, Gracious, Awesome, Renewing, my Great Reward, Recreating, Living, Righteous, Holy, Song of my heart and Friend, thank You for Your faithfulness and mercy that sustains me each day. Thank You for Your Great Love for me. Thank You for Your Presence with me as we walk this love journey of faith together. Thank You for how You have planned out my life with such loving detail. Thank You for all You have done, all You are doing, and all that is yet to be. You are my Hero who always steps in and saves the day. Thank You for Your awesome work that was done on the cross to save me. I will praise You for Your goodness and love. I will praise You for Your faithfulness. I will praise You for You are my God and Savior. I will praise You from the depths of my heart and soul. You alone are worthy of my praise...


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