God of Time and Space

God of time and space, thank you for this New Day Dawning...this New Year given... How awesome it is to know that time is in Your hands. Thank your for the year gone by. As I look back I can see You moving in my life...I can see that in those times I thought I was alone, You were there. How wonderful it is to know that You have all the times in my life setup for me and as I trust You with my life each day comes into being. May I feel You even more present...may I see You even more often...May I know You even more fully in this coming year. Lord, God, create me a new this year. May I serve You more fully as I step out in faith into this new horizon You have created for me. May I be ever closer to Your heart as I strive to live out the life You have set out before me. May I love more passionately...May I be more compassionate with others...May I shine more brightly...May I walk more humbly all to Your glory this coming year. May You use me as Your earthen vessel, waiting to be filled and then poured out for others. I look forward to what is ahead as You use me to bring about Your Kingdom come where Your will is done, on earth as it is in Heaven. Amen...!


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