God of Peace

God of Peace, on this Sunday of Advent we are reminded of the Peace that You give all who believe. Thank you that even though the world around us is in chaos, You still offer that peace that goes beyond understanding. Thank you that that our Risen Lord Jesus taught us how to live in peace with one another. Oh, if we would just learn that lesson there would truly be a "Peaceable Kingdom" here on earth. May this Advent be one that we, as humanity, would embrace that peace and treat each other a little kinder, with more compassion and hope. May we, as humanity, learn that vital lesson that Jesus taught...everything and everyone is of sacred worth. You are our hope, our peace, our joy and our love. In You there is no fear of rejection...no fear of worthlessness, no fear at all for Your love and compassion casts out all fear... May we be at peace within our Spirit so that we may reach out to those in need of Your saving grace. May we be Your light bearers of change...of hope...and of peace...


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